Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Wonderful Cheesecake n Blueberry Tarts

Anyone want a Blueberry Streusel Cheesecake Tart?

The very special thing about this, is the cream cheese.. My children (read that as in, all of us!) absolutely love cheesecake. It was never a problem in Germany or Abu Dhabi.. but has become one here.. since I have not yet found Philadelphia .. and the other variety I have seen is too little, for too much money.. which I dont agree with. So, I've

 only made cheesecake with home made cream cheese. Which was alright, taste wise.. but not really yumm.. you know.. not quite 'cream cheese'..

Until HD turned up with a carton of Olpers Milk  Actually I wanted to make FroYo.. so made yoghurt with the Olpers milk and once set, poured out in a muslin (malmal ka kapra) lined sieve and put it in the fridge. for 2 days... and somehow, I never got round to make the FroYo - primarily cos my gang here make a noise about it..

So, here I had this one litre cream .. and as I tasted it, it was the bestest cream cheese ever.. So what better to do with it, than make cream cheese?

I am so happy about it - wonderfully creamy cream cheese, that too almost half a kilo, for 90 rupees only  Thats a far cry from the tiny some grams box u get for exorbitant prices..

Anyway, so this is the cake crust:

280 gm flour
150 gm ground sugar
226 gm butter - cold, from the fridge..

Short pulse the butter with flour
Add sugar, pulse again
If the mixture seems too dry, add just a FEW DROPS of ice cold water.
Mix till a dough is formed
Chill till needed

Or you could do it like I prefer to do and crumble the butter with the flour and sugar and just keep on kneading, until a dough is formed, no need for machines or water 

So now the cream cheese filling:

Whip 400 grm cream cheese till smooth
Add 2 eggs, mix in well
Add 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup, depending on how sweet you like it, ground sugar
Plus 1 tsp vanilla essence

Whip all together nicely, till u have a smooth cream. Chill.

Crumble topping
This crumble I have left-over from the Apple Crumble that I made..

115 grms butter
115 grms sugar
175 grms flour

Crumble all together, set aside

In muffin forms, press in small rounds of dough to form a tart..
Spoon in a heaped tablespoon of the cream cheese
And then plop on top a heaped tsp of BLUEBERRY JAM 
Spread some crumble on it.. and in the preheated oven at 180...
As soon as the tarts get some colour, turn on the upper grill to give the crumble some colour.. and there you have it.
Dont try and remove them instantly - they'll be very fragile. Let them cool a bit before u remove them from the form..

You can of course use fresh berries and make a sauce.. but I didnt have blueberries.. so the jam was perfect..

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