Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fragrant Apple Tea..

... wonderful fragrance through out the house... beware of the chips thieves :) The Making of Apple Tea 

I got a box of apple tea gifted, tea bags.. really fragrant and good to drink.. yet they give me heartburn. I wonder why? Even though the ingredients show it to be a pure herbal product.. But somehow it doesnt suit me..

So I thought, if they can make it, so can I  And so I did - Alhamdolillah. Its almost as tasty.. and loads healthier since I know exactly whats in it and can control all of it..

Here's how:

Wash and core lotsa apples.. I say lots since its a time consuming and lengthy procedure so better make a larger batch.

Dont peel them. Slice the apples as thin as possible.. the thinner the better.

Fill a bowl with ice-cold water and the juice of a large lemon.

Tip the apple slices in it for an hour.

Heat oven at 200. Place the slices on a grill - you know the oven ki jali- and stick it in the oven. You can cover the grill with baking paper or silver foil.. or stick a tray under the apples..

After 5 minutes turn the heat down to 70. And then go away. Go sleep or something. Come back after an hour.. and turn the slices over. Go sleep some more.. or read a few pages of your book.. and then turn the oven off.. IF by that time the slices are nicely golden brown and crisp.. warna continue..

Shuffle them a bit if you feel they're not browning evenly.. the goal is to have them crisp.

Let the slices cool down and crush them slightly (you may want to keep some to devour as chips.. )

Add to the crisps of 5 apples a 2 inch piece of cinnamon, broken in bits and 2 cloves. Shake around and store in an airtight box.

2 tsps of this mix to one cup boiling water and a half tsp of honey if you want it sweet... have it hot.. or chill it and drop in a few ice-cubes 

Alhamdolillah.. one of the best teas you will ever have - inshaAllah 

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