Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Banana Apple Delight

Base of sweet biscuits.. covered with bananas n apple.. covered in chocolate sauce n cream.. the best part? No added sugar :)

Had a couple of bananas.. quite ripe and in danger :) But didnt want to make something heavy like Banoffee.. So did this:

Crushed plain biscuits (I used Tiger Max, you can use any you like..) and made a dough out of it to cover the base by adding 1 tblsp olive oil and milk as needed until the dough was nice and spreadable.. not too wet and not crumbly.

Spread that in the base of the pan. Sprinkle over it chopped apples and sliced bananas. . as much as you want..

Cover that with plain, sugar-less cream. Drizzled with chocolate sauce and spread all over.. so that the cream gets sweetened and also gets some colour. But be careful not to go deep.. mix only the surface so that when u eat, u can see a layer of white cream beneath the choclaty..

Then refrigerate.. and before serving just drizzle with chocolate sauce before serving.

Its really very tasty and unbelievable though it sounds, its also very light. There is no butter and no sugar.. extra added I mean.. of course, there is the fat content of the cream and the biscuits itself.. but thats it...

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