Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saucy Buttery Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken ..  a dream of soft meat.. butter and cream.. As usual, the pic says nothing good about it, but it was really yum. I used my Salan Masala Mix in it .. Perfect .. Only problem is, I cant remember how much of it I put in :(
Will work that out nd then post recipe inshaAllah :)

Ok so finally I have remembered :) I've taken to boiling onions and keeping them blended in the fridge or freezer... it makes cooking that much easier and quicker. Plus it makes a good smooth gravy... so this is what I did here. Just boiled 2 medium onions and blended them with a little water.. Used half the onion paste in this dish.. So try and keep a jar of this in the fridge, It holds good for 3 days at least..

So here goes:

1 kilo boneless chicken - in cubes. You can of course use normal chicken pieces, but I prefer boneless in this dish
2 tblsp vinegar
2 tblsp gg paste
paste of one boiled onion
5 tomatoes, blended
100 ml cream
big blob of butter - unsalted!
2 heaped tsp of the spice mix
1/2 tsp or to taste salt

Heat some oil and fry the chicken in it
Add the vinegar and gg and keep frying till the water is gone and ur chicken does not smell anymore.
Add the spices and salt and saute a bit
Add the onion paste and the tomato puree
Boil up, reduce heat and let it cook
You wan the extra water to vanish and the sauce to be cooked
Once it looks done, check the chicken, taste the spices and adjust if you have to
Add the cream and cook it up again..
At the end, drop the blob of butter, turn off heat and keep it covered. Serve hot with white rice or naans..

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