Saturday, 29 June 2013


My Panjeeri .. Finally 

I'd been planning on making this the whole month.. but somehow never got round to it. Even today I had to break thrice, while making it.. but finally its done.. I still have a few days to go so I thought I'd make it and eat it at least once in this whole time 

The recipe is my Mama's.. passed down to me through my sis... . I've made it many times, for myself and for others.. usually, when made for myself, I only eat a fraction of it and the rest gets gobbled by 'others' - samajh tau aap gaey hon gay 

Panjeeri has a load of good stuff in it.. and it also has a lot to do with how much you believe in its good properties. Yes it is very calorific.. for all that ghee and sugar. It will give you pimples if you eat too much since it is 'garam' what with all those nuts in it.. But, it will also inshaAllah help you with the aches and pains and weaknesses.. especially after delivery.. But even in winter, to ward off the cold..

I did not measure the ghee I used.. Couldnt be bothered to do so.. it was enough for me to complete the work quickly.. But I had around 300 grms of home made desi ghee and I used it all.. I say 300 because it looked more than the butter packet yet not too much more  Sorry 

Dont use the ghee all in one go.. just put in a little by little, to fry each item and then fresh for the next... 

I'll list the items in grms - they make roughly one mug.. and it really makes no such big difference exactly HOW many almonds and pistas you put in.. just eyeball it.. it should balance more or less. . . .

800 gms semolina – soojhi. Try and get the coarser kind..
1 bowl or 300 grms ghee. Best is if you have desi ghee. But normal will do too
100 grms of coconut, chopped
150 grms pistachios, unsalted please!
150 grms makhanay – water lilly flower/lotus stemm flower/fox nut/gorgon nut
(I guess its just best to find makhanay from an Asian shop – have listed all the known names, in case u don’t have a shop close by though)
300 grms almonds, with skin..
50 grms charmaghaz - muskmelon, watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber seeds in equal quantity
50 grms gond – gum
20 grms kamar kass – sometimes refered to as sage, though also called Flame of the Forrest
6 to 7 green cardamons
500 to 700 gms sugar – depending on ur taste for sweetness. I used a bit less..

What I did was, heat 2 tblsp ghee for each ingredient – add the nuts one by one, and fry them to a nice golden. Remove in a bowl

Proceed similarly with all, keeping them all in separate bowls. Don’t fry them all together and don’t mix them after frying yet.

The makhanay will take up a lot of ghee. Just limit it to 3 tblsp at the most, no matter how much u use, it will soak all up..

Next, bhunfoy the soojhi in ghee – I used maybe 150 gms ghee for that much soojhi
You need the soojhi to be nice and pinkish golden.. just be careful not to burn it.

Next, roughly grind each ingredient in the machine.. Don’t dump them all in at the same time since they each have a different grinding time and don’t all get ground samely..

Then add them one by one to the soojhi, on VERY low heat and keep mixing in. All except kamarkas. Keep that separate in a tin or box.. Don’t include it in the main dish..sprinkle some before u eat..

Once u have all in, remove from heat and add sugar. Mix in well and store airtight once cooled down.

Heat it before you eat, sprinkle some kamrkas on it and eat it with a glass of warm milk or hot tea..

Please ask if something is unclear..

Enjoy and don’t weigh yourself 


  1. :) Sorry, just me and my shortcuts - means you saute it - brown it - bhoon it - and then once nicely browned, grind it.. Hope that clears :)


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