Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hyderabadi Khubani ka Meetha...

... In all its glory ....

I dont know if this is THE original way of making it.. but its the way I make it.. and I assure you, once you eat it as is, u'll only make it this way, inshaAllah  Dont blame me for the weight you gain though, thats entirely your own business 

Khubani ka Murabba
Soak 1 kilo dried apricots in clean water over night.
Next morning, set the pot too cook on medium heat, adding a cup of sugar.
Taste it, and reduce or increase as per your taste. I'd suggest keeping it a bit on the lower side.

Now here is something which demands utmost deliberation on your part.. you must think, think with all your might and come to the great decision on your own..

Do you, or do you not, remove the stones/almonds from the khubani before you start cooking them?!!

I was not very well when I made it and did not have the energy when I was making it so did not remove them. I thought, cant be that bad.. will pick them out with a spoon. Let me give u a piece of friendly advice - do not do as I did. Make the effort and remove them before u cook the whole lot.

As it were, the stones got in the way of everything.. so I pulled on a pair of food-safe disposable gloves and removed them all by hand. It got done eventually and was alright but in the end I actually did more work that I would have, if I'd taken them out first..

So once your murabba looks nice and thick and syrupy, remove and chill

I hope you have already made it while the murabba was cooking.. which is why at this moment it is in the fridge, chilling too..

Thick cream/whipped cream is just that..
Nuts as per your choice

Assemble by layering the custard, then the murabba in layers in a glass bowl. Top with cream roses or whatever shape you can make.. and sprinkle with nuts if using. Serve this meetha very well chilled.

A note from the testers here in my home: keep the custard a bit more than the murabba. Since the murabba is very sweet, it will be better balanced...

So now make and tell... No great science involved, very simple and easy recipe.. inshaAllah u'll love it

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