Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fried Besan Naan.. Trip down memory lane!

Our dinner yesterday - besan fried naan nd green chilies, onion rings and chutney 

Back in the last century, when I was a college going girl, on the way back from college there was this naan bai.. wo used to have these naans - and they were only available at 'chutti-time' and only on weekdays. I guess that was his marketing scheme - and I suppose it went very well.. since they were almost always gone for the batch of girls who came by 20 mins later.

I've tried to recreate it and except for the green chilies, its almost the same. I say almost since that naan had the magic of that age.. the hunger after college time.. the companionship of friends and the knowledge that it was SO unhealthy and fattening and yet the carefree attitude that one couldnt care less.. it was yumm and thats all the mattered 

No great science involved - just take a day old naan, wet it nicely. Make a besan batter like you would for pakoras - adding fresh green dhania, green chilies, coarsely crushed whole coriander and pomegranate seeds.

Make a batter not too thick and not too thin. It should flow but not swim 

Soak the naan in it for a few seconds.. make sure its covered from all sides..

The oil must be piping hot - u dont have to cook anything na, just fry it.

Carefully lower the naan in the oil, taking care it doesnt splatter over u. turn carefully after a few seconds and take out as soon as the colour is golden.

Now he used to drain it on the newspaper - with Anjuman all over it  We now know its not healthy so we use brown paper bags slit open or wax paper. Even tissue is not a good idea by the way..

Drain.... and eat as soon as possible.. the colder it gets the greasier.. and the tougher to eat.

Serve with green chilies, fried in same batter, raw onions soaked in lemon juice and chutney of ur choice..

Ah the memories of youth!

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