Saturday, 29 June 2013

Banoffee Pie

A dream of cream and caramel .. I dont think I should give you the recipe you know .. You'll make it and gain 100 kilos and blame me for it .. Tch tch ...

On second thoughts.. maybe I should, why should I gain the kilos alone? :) 

I have the recipe from the Carnation website.. have adjusted it to my own designs.. but the basic recipe is theirs

For the crust
100 gm butter
250 gm biscuits of your choice

For the Caramel
100 gm butter
100 gm brown sugar
397 gm - 1 tin, condensed milk
* my addition, 1/2 tsp instant coffee

4 medium sized bananas

200 ml cream
(In the UAE I used regular whipping cream. Here, I use the Nestle thick cream. Add 2 tbsp ground sugar to it and whip with mixer. Keep on doing this for around 5 to 8 minutes.. the cream will thicken.. )

2 tblsp chocolate horlicks - or grated chocolate
I used horlicks. . different taste..

(Usually banoffee recipes use condensed milk that has caramelised in a boiling pot of water, cooking for over 2 hours. I dont like the idea of wasting so much gas on it - hence this recipe is perfect from this aspect too..)

Acha so melt the butter and set aside
Crush 250 gm biscuits very fine in a processor.. Use whatever you have, I had some candi, some choco chips, some cafe.. used them all.. made for a very unusual taste and I think that added an extra kick

Add these crumbs to the butter. With washed hands, mix well and pat in a springform tin

Make a crust, pushing a bit to get some side crust too

Keep this in the fridge

For the caramel
Heat the butter and add sugar
On medium low heat, keep mixing and stirring
The sugar must dissolve and be very smooth
Add the condensed milk and keeping it on low heat, keep stirring..
Bring mixture to a boil
Once boiled, dissolve the coffee in a few drops of melted butter and add to the sauce

You must cook it long enough so its firm.. but not too long warna it will become toffee.. which is tasty too but not needed here

Pour over this sauce in the crust and let it rest in the fridge

Once chilled a bit, put the sliced bananas over it and spread out..

Cover with whipped cream..

Sprinkle with horlicks or chocolate and chill at least 2 hours before cutting and serving

It will be gooey and it WILL spill over .. because thats what a Banoffee Pie should do...

Enjoy and do take a brisk walk after it.. you have been warned ....

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