Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hyderabadi Baghare Baingan ..

I always say there are absolute recipes.. each chef adds his own touch and that in turn is influenced by the country of residence.. So whenever someone says, they have the 'right' recipe... just take it as is :) 

Could be that this is different from how you make it. In my home, this is 'right' and I hope u'll give it a try... you might even like it :)

So first to make is the base

Roast separately
2 tblsp coconut powder
1 tblsp khashkhash
2 tblsp sesame seeds
1 cup peanuts
1 tsp zeera
1/2 tsp dhania

Roast separate because each has a different roasting time.. but then grind them all together. Set aside

Slice your aubergines if thats better liked in your family... otherwise, traditionally, we use small aubergines and slit them at the base in a cross. 

Whatever form youre using, fry them in oil and set aside. 

Mix the peanut powder with 1/2 cup yoghurt

Fry 2 medium onions and take them out when golden. Grind them and add to the yoghurt paste.

Soak some imli - around 1/4 cup in water to get its juice. Sieve that and set aside.

Heat some oil in a pan, splutter in it
7 to 8 curry leaves (karipatta)
1/2 tsp kalongi - (nigella or onion seed)
1/4 tsp methi dana - (fenugreek)
1/4 rai (mustard seed)

Add the yoghurt paste and bhunofy until the oil separates.

Once that happens, put the aubergines in and pour over the imli juice.. 

Add 1/2 glass water and let it all cook. Traditionally, this should be a thick gravy.. I had to thin it out due to HD's orders :) But it should be thick. So the water is just there to make it all blend together and form a thick gravy. Its not supposed to be shorba like. 

Serve with rice, with biryani is best.. but even as a breakfast dish with pooris its great...

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