Wednesday, 6 February 2013

CRaFHT Ranking.. on

Thank you to all of you  - that ElZaA is even on the list... and that its in the top 10 .. place 3 to be exact .. :)

I didnt check much often, since you never know how these things turn out and then I would've been disappointed :) So I just thought I'd wait it out and see .. and I'm glad.. Number 3 is a pretty impressive place to be and I'm grateful for it :)

Thank you to all of you :)

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  1. congratulations...
    Lovely blog and your recipes are looking yummy.
    visiting you first time and i enjoy my visit.
    i am also happy that i find another great lady who is representing Pakistan on net.
    Glad to follow you and i think you feel the same when you visit my blog.
    with love...


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