Saturday, 5 January 2013

There's nothing better than Apple Pie!

No really, especially on cold winter evenings with a steaming mug of coffee.... yumm.. my most favourite combination, anytime.. so here we are with a Hot Apple Pie .. Ready to be devoured :)

The best dough that I have ever made is the one I use in all my pies and tarts. I've done a lot with it and it never disappoints, Alhamdolillah..

Pastry dough:
125 gms flour
60 gms icing sugar
60 gms butter
a few drops of ice cold water

Make a soft, non-sticky dough and keep cool till u need it.

125 gms = 1 standard size measuring cup
60 grms icing sugar = 3 heaped tablespoons
60 grms butter = 4 and half tablespoons

I'd suggest you make a double portion so that there is enough for the lattice.

For the flling:

Slice 6 to 7 apples.
Mix together 2 tblsp flour, 1/4 tblsp cinnamon powder and 1/2 cup sugar..
Toss them together well and set aside.

Layer the tin with one part dough, bringing it up to cover the sides. Pile in the filling. Roll out the next portion and cut in straight equal lines. Make the lattice cover by layering strip for strip..

Take a strand of dough and pull it over the sides, so as to encircle the whole pie.

Finish by brushing with milk over everything.

bake to golden at 190 C for 25 mins.

If youre using a springform, cover the base with aluminium foil otherwise the juices will run out and burn in the oven.

Serve hot with whipped cream or ice-cream..


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