Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Trifle

I guess this is one of the easiest desserts there are.. and yet so rich and satisfying .. and fattening of course  but we're not thinkning laong those lines :)

So, I had to whip up dessert and had a few items lying around.. but it can be made from scratch as well.. only, if you have these items at hand and you dont make it, you have no one to blame but urself for missing this treat :)

You'd need some cake - home made sponge or pound is best.. any flavour - I had vanilla, though I'm thinking chocolate would be just as yummy.. 

A bowl of custard, here too, flavour of your choice.. a bowl of whipping cream, some jelly diamonds or more and fruit of ur choice. I combined apples and mangoes.. yummmm

If the cake is dry, pour over some milk and let it soak, but only SOME - dont drench it.

Layer cake, custard, fruit, cake, custard, fruit and top with cake and custard. Finally, add a few dollops of cream and decorate as u wish. You can of course be totally indulgent and lather cream in each layer too but, I guess there IS such a thing as TOO much cream...:) 

Chill and devour