Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tip of the Day. This is something I'm starting... from today :) I'll try and give you a tip, every now and then .. :) How to master your kitchen in the most effective way possible. If you agree.. implement it. If you dont agree, let me know why and we'll work to a solution together inshaAllah :) So.. my Tip for today is: Decluttering your Kitchen. Make three boxes - Always used, Seldom used, Not used. The definition of used is, you must have used it at least ONCE in 6 months. If you dont use it for 6 months, chances are you wont be using it. Stack the items accordingly in those boxes. Keep always used up front... seldom in the store or in a cupboard in your room... and not used either give away, maybe someone else needs it? Or, consider using it for something else. Like, if its a pot without a lid, use it as a kitchen garden pot and plant coriander in it..