Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Breakfast Bhaturas

Breakfast is a time of peace and harmony.. at least it should be. 

What better why to manage that, other than with a yummy breakfast that fills and is special too.. 

Presenting, the yummy breakfast bhaturas.. 

A cross between a paratha and a poori and a naan :D I'll update the recipe later inshaAllah.. u must give it a try soon :)

Ok so this is my normal bhatura dough. The difference is in the duration of its proofing. 

This is 4 mugs flour and 4 tsp baking powder.
Make a soft non-sticky dough with lukewarm water
Touch oil to complete and let it rest overnight.. or at least 10 hours.
In the morning, make small bhaturas of it and deep fry in HOT oil..
Make sure the oil is really hot. As soon as u lower it in, it should bubble up
Hold it down with a large slotted spoon. It will puff up. Turn once and let the lower side get golden. Turn again, get some colour on the upper side too and drain out. Keep covered till use.

I had some leftover and now even after almost 10 hours its soft and spongy. They are not greasy as u'd expect a poori to be.. but very filling.

Do make and enjoy..