Friday, 4 May 2012

Summertime Treat.. Strawberry Cake!

Strawberry Sauce Cake ... Finally :)

Okay so I was so very much wanting to make this cake.. So many lovely strawberries everywhere :)

I actually made the sauce first .. thinking to thicken it and use as cake filling... but, one thing led to another and I left it as is.. which was good.. :)

So, for the sauce, just chop and cook the strawberries with as much sugar as u think is alright for ur sweet tooth. I had around 2 cups chopped strawberries and added 1 full cup sugar plus a few tblsp :) I like it sweet na :)

So cooked it till it almost bubbled over. Let it cool and blend fine. Then in the fridge.

And the cake goes something like this:

2 cups flour
2 level tsp baking powder
3 eggs
1 & half cup ground sugar (this is very lightly sweet. Add more if u want it sweeter)
1 cup milk
4 tbls butter
1 cup strawberry sauce

Heat the milk and butter together until almost boiling. Take off from heat.

Mix flour and baking powder, sift well together and set aside

Beat the eggs so they're fluffy..then add sugar. Beat long enough to make it look almost like custard.

Then add in the flour, and while mixing, add the milk and butter mix and the strawberry sauce..

Fill in pan.. and plomp in chopped strawberries.

Now I used a pre-heated stone-oven.. I guess you should bake this at 185.. a bit on the lower side.

I turned the cake over .. which is why the strawberries are all on the top.. Dust with icing sugar.. and enjoy with sauce :)


  1. Ouuu this looks just so delicious, can't wait trying oit out. will look for more on this blog. Seeya

  2. I love strawberry cakes.. This sound delicious!

  3. It is really very moist and soft.. do give it a try :) Thanks for writing :)

  4. great recipees.......i don't want to trouble u but do u knw ny good recipes for trifle that includes chocolate??

  5. Thank you :) And yes, I do have a trifle recipe.. I'll post it. You can easily add chocolate to it.. Will post it rightwaway :)

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