Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mirchi Chutney Potatoes.. or, Potato Snack :)

Ok I'd asked on my FB page, what to do with boiled potatoes.. and so Insiyah Abid suggested that I put mirchi chutney in between slices of potato... anf fry. I had intended to defrost some green chutney I had in the freezer - but then lunch had to be served in a hurry.

So, I boiled eggs (10 mins) and sliced them.

While I was making the rotis, inbetween, sliced the boiled potatoes. Plopped some imli chutney on one slice of potato. Put a slice of egg on it and covered with another slice of potato.

Beat besan (chick-pea flour) with salt and my chole and achar mix powders. Made a semi thick batter. You can of course use any spices you feel like.. just make it spicy. I used these cos they were handy :)

Dipped each 'sandwich' first sideways and then top and bottom in the besan batter. The batter should be thick enough to stay stuck..

And then fry in hot oil. If the oil is cold, it will fall off. So keep it hot. Everything is cooked it just needs to get crispy na. So hot oil.

Fry golden and serve.. 

The kids loved it and even HD who isn't such a fan of potatoes, liked it very much..

Insiyah - this one is a keeper :) Thank you for the idea :)


  1. Hi Ruhina: I was wondering what does the title of your blog "Eizaa" means?

  2. Hullo dear..
    It stands for the name of my children :)


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