Friday, 13 April 2012

The Ultimate Sweet.. Balushahi :)

This is Chef Afzal Nizami's recipe - saw it on TV.. I've tried many different recipes of Balushahis before since I love them.. but they never even came close.. This one is a keeper, Alhamdolillah. Just read through all instructions carefully and follow them.. inshaAllah u'll have a perfect result..

1 kilo flour
1/2 pao - 125 gms each of: ghee - (melt and then measure!) & yogurt & water
1 level tsp baking soda - just LEVEL! not too much!!
Sheera: 1 kilo sugar 1/2 litre water cardamon..


First cook the sheera - mix sugar and water and elaichis and let it boil. You want a thick sheera but not too thick.. The Chef said to boil it for 10 to 12 minutes.. but I boiled it only for 5 - it had the required thickness..

Next, in a large bowl, add the liquid ings.. water, ghee and yoghurt. Whisk together and add baking soda.

Mix well. Add the flour, and mix a dough - do NOT knead it like ata.. or dough. You dont want a dough - that will make it hard and elastic. Just mix together, with gentle hands... until it all comes together.

Tip it out on a board or whatever you have.. and flatten it.. cut through the middle with your hands and divide in two. Place one on top of the other, pat down so as to join them and then repeat this process 4 or 5 times.

Break off small balls - I divided it in 4 parts and then rolled each and cut off small pieces with a knife.. Place the small piece between your palms.. flat side down.. and press with both palms in a circular motion.. do NOT press down hardly.. remember, you dont want to knead it in any manner..

This gentle circular motion will give it the layers.. Then place this balushahi on the back of your thumb.. and press a hole through it with the thumb of your other hand.. not too big..

While you are making them.. place ghee in a deep pan..and heat on lowest. The ghee should only be so hot that you can tip your finger in it and not burn.

Place the balushahis in the ghee. They should sink to the bottom and not do anything.. just sit there..

In a few minutes, as the hot ghee works, the balushahis will bubble up.. once they are all up, increase heat to full and fry them from one side to a golden colour.

Look carefully, when the bottom side is done, turn them over and TURN OFF HEAT!! That is a must - the heat is enough to fry them from below too.. But the turning off stove will cool the ghee down enoough for the next batch.

So when u put in the next batch, they'll sink down like before.. then turn heat back on.. As soon as the colour is as you like, take them out and put them in the sheera.

Pour over some with the help of a spoon. Turn over once so that they get soaked from both sides. Remove after 2 minutes and let them drip off on a jali.. The sugar will dry out and give those white touches.. Eat them once they're cool.. otherwise they wont have the crunch u want and u'll be disappointed...

I hope I've explained well and its understandable.. if not, please ask!! Good Luck.. :)


  1. Shabistan Naseem20 May 2012 at 18:42

    Dear Ruhina, I have learned so many things from you.:) I just love Balushahi..Never tried at home. Will try tomorrow and let you know the result :-) May Allah bless You.

  2. Ameen and thank you so much dear Shabistan :) Wish you best of luck - Balushahi is my fav too and I've had many bad experiences... just be patient with yourself and inshaAllah I am sure u'll do perfectly :)


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