Monday, 13 February 2012

My Sill and Chutney :)

So Baj gifted me something I'd been wanting to have since ages..... a sill and its batta.. now someone please tell me what the stuff is called in the Queen's language.. Anyway, so I made my first chutney on it.. Coriander, Green Chilies, Tomato Chutney .. With G&G :) Took half a bunch fresh coriander, 5 cloves of small garlic, one small piece of ginger, 4 green chilies - adjust to your taste. And 4 tomatoes. Plus 1 tbls cumin.
First I made the green chili chutney.. buy grinding together the corinander and GG and chilies..added the zeera and crushed that well with the whole sauce. and then chopped the tomatoes and added them.. and used the sill carefully as not to make a complete mash. The main effort is just the use of the sill.. You need stokes.. not smashes :) So watch that.. otherwise.. perfect chutney is just a 'sill' away :D


  1. Ummmmmm. The chutney looks so inviting. Nothing like peesing chutney on a sill. Good old times. I hope you're making a special place on your kitchen counter to keep the sill there as a permanent fixture rather than lifting it up and down everytime you want to use it. I would suggest you leave a square depression in one corner of the kitchen slab, the exact size of your sill and preferably near a water faucet,and just place the sill in that space, for good. You can even make a small rack for the batta to be chucked in, on top of that:)
    What say?

  2. Its a fabulous idea! Thank you!! Will surely implement it.. love u lots!

  3. Wow good old days "machine" i wish i had one here too....

  4. Hain na? I think its a fantastic thing... there is hardly anything you cannot do with it :)


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