Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kitchen Tips

Kitchen Tip of the Day. This is something I'm starting... from today :) I'll try and give you a tip, every now and then .. :) How to master your kitchen in the most effective way possible. If you agree.. implement it. If you dont agree, let me know why and we'll work to a solution together inshaAllah :) So.. my Tip for today is: Decluttering your Kitchen. Make three boxes - Always used, Seldom used, Not used. The definition of used is, you must have used it at least ONCE in 6 months. If you dont use it for 6 months, chances are you wont be using it. Stack the items accordingly in those boxes. Keep always used up front... seldom in the store or in a cupboard in your room... and not used either give away, maybe someone else needs it? Or, consider using it for something else. Like, if its a pot without a lid, use it as a kitchen garden pot and plant coriander in it..

Monday, 13 February 2012

My Sill and Chutney :)

So Baj gifted me something I'd been wanting to have since ages..... a sill and its batta.. now someone please tell me what the stuff is called in the Queen's language.. Anyway, so I made my first chutney on it.. Coriander, Green Chilies, Tomato Chutney .. With G&G :) Took half a bunch fresh coriander, 5 cloves of small garlic, one small piece of ginger, 4 green chilies - adjust to your taste. And 4 tomatoes. Plus 1 tbls cumin.
First I made the green chili chutney.. buy grinding together the corinander and GG and chilies..added the zeera and crushed that well with the whole sauce. and then chopped the tomatoes and added them.. and used the sill carefully as not to make a complete mash. The main effort is just the use of the sill.. You need stokes.. not smashes :) So watch that.. otherwise.. perfect chutney is just a 'sill' away :D