Monday, 9 January 2012

Some Changes

Morning People... Just a short note - I've added a Copyright thingy on the page.. primarily because I'm quite fed up of copy-cats and kittens... Dont know what effect, if any at all, it is going to have.. but it will make me feel better :) Secondly, have added the Email option. Means, if you want to be updated and get an Email everytime I post something, add your Email to it. The Blog will send you a mail of its own accord ... and u can come and check or not, as you feel right at that moment :) Thirdly, there's a fancy new thing called Appointron.. means, if you really need to get in touch with me and have something to say.. or want me to do something.. use it.. I dont know exactly how and what it will do.. but apparently it will 'book' you an 'appointment' with me.. As I said, no idea how it works but it sounded kind of nice so I added it :) In case it turns out to be a complete bore.. or ya'll dont really want to talk to me that much :/ - I'll remove it. Oh and it says 1$ price - just ignore it... couldnt get rid of that bit :) I just thought sometimes I miss the comments and this could be a good way to get in touch if its important. So, this much right now.. will log in later with some more stuff :) Till then..


  1. I like these new changes Ruhi. !!!

  2. Where is email subscribe n appointment option? Cant find it

  3. Hmmm.. can you still not? Its there.. but sometimes doesnt show up at the first go..


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