Friday, 27 January 2012

Current Affairs

Hullo my dears... I was wondering how you liked the new look of ElZaA? Especially proud me is of the index :) Do let me know how you see it.. Other than that, my grey cells are spinning overtime to understand the havoc of Maya Khan and whether what she did was right or wrong.. and whether we should give her a pat on the back for being a responsible woman, or a busy-body-miss-interfering? The jury in my mind is still out on this one... Would love to hear what you all think.. Till then.. Much love!


  1. Halllloooo Ruhina!
    I absolutely ADORE your new set up. Its just beautifulllll!
    Many many Congratulations for winning the TOP 10 slot in the Halal Food Competition. I'm sure you'll make it to numero uno too :)
    As for Myra Khan, which by the way is MAYA khan, I do think we need a healthy discussion on individual rights and social obligations. Lets have one now. let's explore both sides of the picture. Its time people shared in their responsibilities towards making our society actively involved in matters of people's rights. Just keep out the extremists please. We are already a nation sufferring at their hands.
    Much Much love to you.
    Keep the good work going . Mmmuah.

  2. Thank you SO very much :) Such open adoration does wonders for the soul :)
    Thank you for your confidence my dearest - it has always carried me far :)
    Ooops - thats me caught in a typo :) will correct it right now.. Thanks for pointing out :)
    I agree with what you say.. Looking forward to more comments and exchange of ideas on this :)
    Lots of love back..


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