Friday, 27 January 2012

Current Affairs

Hullo my dears... I was wondering how you liked the new look of ElZaA? Especially proud me is of the index :) Do let me know how you see it.. Other than that, my grey cells are spinning overtime to understand the havoc of Maya Khan and whether what she did was right or wrong.. and whether we should give her a pat on the back for being a responsible woman, or a busy-body-miss-interfering? The jury in my mind is still out on this one... Would love to hear what you all think.. Till then.. Much love!

Friday, 13 January 2012


... to all of us! Thank you, my dearest members... for suggesting my blog for the rating, and for bringing US within the top 10! This is for you all more than me :) Thank you.. love u all!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Some Changes

Morning People... Just a short note - I've added a Copyright thingy on the page.. primarily because I'm quite fed up of copy-cats and kittens... Dont know what effect, if any at all, it is going to have.. but it will make me feel better :) Secondly, have added the Email option. Means, if you want to be updated and get an Email everytime I post something, add your Email to it. The Blog will send you a mail of its own accord ... and u can come and check or not, as you feel right at that moment :) Thirdly, there's a fancy new thing called Appointron.. means, if you really need to get in touch with me and have something to say.. or want me to do something.. use it.. I dont know exactly how and what it will do.. but apparently it will 'book' you an 'appointment' with me.. As I said, no idea how it works but it sounded kind of nice so I added it :) In case it turns out to be a complete bore.. or ya'll dont really want to talk to me that much :/ - I'll remove it. Oh and it says 1$ price - just ignore it... couldnt get rid of that bit :) I just thought sometimes I miss the comments and this could be a good way to get in touch if its important. So, this much right now.. will log in later with some more stuff :) Till then..