Thursday, 27 October 2011

Hullo World :)

Ass'salaam o alaikum everyone and Good morning :) Well, its actually good day now but nevermind :)
I havent been around since ages and thought this would be a good time to drop in and tell you where I have been, since I havent been here...
We - meaning my husband and children and yours truely, have shifted to Pakistan, Peshawar recently. Having spent quite some time in the UAE, we are now back to our own batting side.
So I've been busy adjusting to life in alien quarters... not having lived here for much before this. The lack of posting has two major reasons - for one, I am by nature a put-offer.. so I keep wanting to but somehow never get round to it.. and for another, when I have time, I dont have light. When I have bijli, I dont have time. When I have time and bijli, the net is down. When I have all those, guests come.. and when I have them all and guests dont come - well then my nature comes in between... I assume you've found out where the problem is?
Since I am here, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have voted for my blog at the voting site.. Thank you.. I was so surprised to see ElZA on the list at number 9... :)
There was something very important that I wanted to share with you all. I thought of it while reading a comment. Now it has slipped my mind. I will re-read all those comments again, sometime soon, and then hopefully be reminded of what it was that was so important and here's hoping that our common destinys will make it possible for me to go online at that point in time and tell you all about it.
Till then.. have fun, enjoy the sun and bask in the winter light.. as I will now proceed to do..
Much love.