Sunday, 14 November 2010

Random Thoughts

I was just wondering if anyone knows, or thinks about, what ElZaA stands for? Its stands for the name of my children - Zara, Alina (whom I call Elli) and Abdullah :) Too often in life we lose sight of the really important things in life. I posted a status on Foodilicious (the other love of my life :) ) and people reacted to it so openly.. which made me think.. Here's what I wrote:
I am grateful for a house that needs cleaning and meals that need to be cooked.. for it means that I have a home and a family and enough food to plan with..
And thats whats going through my mind.. how often we forget, what life really is about. We get lost in the desert of socially acceptable norms and demands.. and yet, the things that matter most often get overlooked. 
So, just wanted to remind myself - and others, if anyone's reading this - sure, the workload is a lot at times.. but the reasons are all worth it. 
Enjoy your family and loved ones. Dont sweat the small stuff, as the book says. Love them and accept them.. life is too short to hold grudges. 
So, here's a message to my loved ones.. love you all.. and am grateful to have been blessed by you in my life.