Monday, 11 October 2010

Meat Hara Masala

Okay so this is a 'aap ki farmaish' kind of recipe.. u can imagine me saying it in the typical radio ishtyle ;)
Thanks for asking for it Naila dear. I have no idea if its that what you wanted.. but I like it. Its simple, quick, easy and very to my taste at least.. especially if you have it with fresh naan.., or, lilke I did, with bhatura.. yumm :) You can use chicken as well.. go for bone-in.. that will give it an extra taste. The procedure will be the same, just adjust cooking times..  So, here goes:

You'll need:
6 cloves of garlic, unpeeled
2 bunches of fresh coriander
4 to 8 green chillies.. you can of course increase or decrease the amount, but I find this best
1/2 kilo meat - I used mutton shoulder cut
1 tbls GG
1/2 cup yoghurt
2 medium onions, roughly chopped
1 level tsp roughly ground black pepper
1 level tsp or to taste salt
juice of 2 lemons

and this is what you should do:

1- wash the garlic cloves, chillies and coriander, chop roughly and blend in the blender with some water. Set aside

2- wash the meat, put it in a pan with salt and GG and enough water to cook the meat. Close the lid and let it boil

3- once the meat is halfway done, add teh yoghurt, mix in and let it cook fully

4- meanwhhile, fry the onions to a nice gold colour. Drain and let them cool off a bit. Add  them to the blender with the chutney u've already made and blend once again

5- fry this mixture in the oil of the onions, till it looks nice and moss green
6 - check ur meat - if its done, steam off excess water, if any, and add this chutney.. the fragrance is so very very good!.
7- you need to bhunofy this well. The oil is the same that u've used to fry the onions in.. so if u find it a little on the drier side, add some more. I didnt..
8- tip in the lemon juice and black pepper while you stir
9- there u go.. once the fragrance is right, ure through.. serve with naan or even white rice..


  1. yummy..
    a qn: the corriander leaves in the pic..did u put all of it? isnt it quite a lot?

  2. Thanks :) and no, I chopped off the very ends and chopped everything else. Its just two bunches.. look more.. but the taste is very balanced.

  3. Where's my Thank U comment i put in here. u dint get it dear?:-( well the comment expressed how greatful i to u for preparing and putting up this recipe here that too b4 u were travelling. now i came in to tell u i made the dish and it came out very well. and also the bread recipe was superb although i made buns instead and Abu really loved it. Thanx again. vl be visiting again to check new recipes. love to gurya. AH

  4. Nope, I didnt and was wondering where you were :) Was a bit dissapointed that you hadn't checked in.. but am so glad it turned out well for you. And I'm so glad your abu liked it. Regards to him from me :) If you have any other farmaish, it will be my pleasure to try and fulfil it. Take care and thanks.

  5. will definitely try this week end. it will be special dish for holi. already noted down the recipe. thankx..

  6. Great :) Good luck and do let me know how it went :)

  7. I did try this out.. and it came out " ok" I think what I did wrong was I put the green masala in the yogurt water. We are supposed to dry out the water right? So it wasnt as flavorful. We are supposed to put in two bunches of coriander? ok next time inshallah hopefully it will come out better.

  8. Dear Sara,
    Thanks so much for writing. I've already answered under my picture on Foodi but here again - yes I think that's where the problem was. You need to dry out the yoghurt masala. Because if you dont, and add the main spices before, they will evaporate with the excess water...
    But worry not - this recipe is actually quite simple... so do try again.. thats how we all learn, through trial and error.
    Best of luck.

  9. Assalam Alaikum! Just discovered your blog and Mashalah it looks delicious! Just one thing- can you do something to spruce up the user experience like making recipes searchable, etc. like in more professional blogs? Also, you could add a blogroll, interactive sections, etc. You have it in you to move from a 'dot-blogspot' to a 'dot-com' site! Do give it a though!

  10. Walaikum ass'salaam ReallyPosh. Thank yo so much for such motivating comments. I've been planing to do that, to update the blog somehow but I havent had the time for it yet. Have recently relocated back from the UAE to Pakistan and havent settled in yet. So as soon as I manage that, will do something about its look. As for the .com - am not that tech-savvy :) but will see what I can do about it :) Thanks again :)

  11. awesome recipe ruhina...i tried it today with chicken and it turned out really well...thanks to u and jazakALLAH HU KHAIR....

  12. Hayyak Allah and thank you sooo much Sana dear. For trying it and especially for liking it :) Really happy to read to ur message :)

  13. thank you for such a tasty recipe.. i also added little butter in the last ... n its taste so thankful !

  14. Thank you so much for trying it :) And Alhamdolillah that it turned out well for you :)

  15. Asalamwalaykum,

    I have been searching for a hara masala dish for awhile now...yours looks perfect. will be trying it out with chicken!

  16. Walaikum ass'salaam

    Please do and do let me know how it went :)


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