Saturday, 3 October 2009

Home made hamburgers and buns

Well, I dont have a very detailed recipe this time - lack of time while making - so just some outlines first:

- for beef burgers, use nice juicy mince and run it through the processor with onions, garlic, soaked, drained bread and spices: salt, black pepper, cumin and coriander powder and some chili powder, if you want

- for chicken burgers, chicken breast fillet, ground, with onions, dry slice of bread, white pepper, black pepper, garlic, coriander powder and cinnamon powder

.. yes the picture is dark.. dont have a lighter one for the chicken burgers.. :(

I dont have exact measurements for this because I dont measure them.. but if you really get stuck, lemme know and next time I'll measure :)

For the buns:

230 gms flour
1 tsp sugar
10 grms dry milk powder
1 tsp salt
110 ml warm milk
1 egg
5 gms backing powder
1 and half tsp yeast
35 gms butter and extra to brush

Do this..

1- mix the yeast with the sugar in all the warm milk, whisk in, stand for 5 mins

2- add all the other ingredients, and make a nice wet dough. It will be sticky.. dont add more flour to it.

3- cover and let it stand for at least an hour - at most an hour and half

4- portion the dough in 5 and let it rest for 15 mins

5- form buns or rolls, brush with some butter, sprinkle sesame or whatever u want and lett hem rise again, for half an hour at least

6- bake in pre-heated oven at 200.. till nicely golden..

7- cover lightly with a cloth to keep them soft

Once you have the buns, well then fry ur burgers, on with all the other unhealthy stuff.. and munch away happily.. :)

The mayo is a mixture of store-bought mayo, some yoghurt, dash of salt, white pepper, mustard, one pressed garlic clove and a drop of vinegar..

However, the buns I have used in this recipe ..

..... are somewhat different - I've been trying to get the right texture and these would be great with jam and butter, but I found them a tiny bit firm for burgers.. So, when u want burger buns, use the recipe above.

For butter and jam buns, use the next one :)