Sunday, 27 December 2009

Bienenstich Torte

Dont ask me what it's called in English - dont know :) Honeybee Cake? na.. sounds silly, since there are only 3 tsp honey in it. I'm sure it has a name.. let me know, someone..

Get this together:

For the yeast dough
200 ml milk
50 gms butter
420 gms flour
11 gms instant yeast
100 gms sugar
1 tbls vanilla sugar
1 medium egg

For the topping
200 gms butter
100 gms sugar
1 tbls vanilla sugar
3 tsp honey
125 ml cream
250 gms blanched almonds

For the filling
80 gms custard  powder, vanilla flavour
700 ml milk
100 sugar
100 gms butter
250 ml cream
2 tbls vanilla sugar

.. and do this with it..

1- the day before, or early morning, make the custard, as usual and add the butter to it. Cover and cool in fridge

2- warm milk in a small pan and melt the butter in it, set aside

3- mix in the instant yeast with the flour and pour in the warm milk and all the other ingredients. Using the dough hook or your hands, make a soft dough. Smooth it out, cover and let it rise in a warm place

4- to make the topping, slowly heat the butter in a pan, add all other ingredients and bring to a boil. Add the almonds, mix and let it cool down

5- grease baking sheet, roll out the dough to fit and spread the topping on it. Leave to rise again, at least half an hour, an hour is better

6- bake in preheated oven, at about 200 C, for 15 minutes, or until the bottom is evenly browned and the topping is golden

7- let it cool down slightly, and slice horizontally, making two halves.

8- add the cream and sugar to the pudding, whip smooth and spread on lower base of cake. Place top part on it, press down slightly and let it stand 10, 15 minutes, before you serve.


  1. Assalamualikum,

    I came across your site while searching for the stone oven, and Alhamdulillah have found your dishes to be quite intersting. When I saw this post I immediately fell in love with it, thanks for sharing. Just wondering what if I do not have a grill will my bread turn as golden as yours, and also could you give approximate mesure if using dry yeast.

    Thanx for ur time
    Ummi to three

  2. Walaikum ass'salaam, Ummi to three :)

    Thanks so much for your comment and I am glad that you have found something you like. Alhamdolillah. The golden colour is due to the top grill, but I have experimented a bit and have two suggestions. For one, you could heat the oven to very hot and then start your baking by lowering temperatures, so as not to burn the cake. Or, try baking this in the stone oven. I tried that with a pizza and it had a lovely golden cheese crust on top, just from the steam. And, it was different in that it was not dried out, like you would expect from an oven. I've just measured the yeast for you and it makes one and a half tablespoon of yeast. Make sure that the full tbls is level only and the half just a half. The level tbls makes around 8 grm. And thats instant yeast. I do hope that helps you.. and I would really be very happy if, when you do make this cake or anything else, you let me have some feedback. That will help me improve and correct myself. Thanks so much for writing in. Take care. W'salaam.

  3. Nice site with delicious recipes
    the word Bienenstich Torte means Bee sting cake
    According to wikipedia The origin of the name "Bee Sting" is unclear. According to legend, planned in 1474, the people of Linz am Rhein an attack on its neighbor Andernach , as the Emperor of Linz the Rhine customs and the kick had Andernacher withdrawn. On the morning in question, however, two Andernacher baker apprentices went along the walls and nibbled there hanging from the bees' nests. When they saw the attackers, they threw the nests for them, so that had to flee Linz - stung by the bees -. To celebrate a special cake was baked - the bee sting.

  4. Thank you for the clarification :) Its always nice to know a little bit of history, makes things more interesting. And thank you for liking my site :) Do keep stopping by often :)


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