Monday, 24 August 2009

Checkerboard biscuits

Very tasty, and a bit tricky to make. Have added a video at the end, which is around 20 minutes in duration.. So check the recipe below and if you need some more help, have a look at the vid.

This is what you need:

150 grms COLD butter, cut in small pieces
150 grms sugar - measure and then grind
300 grms flour
3 tbls cocoa powder
1 egg
1 egg white
Flour to dust

This is what you should do:

1- put the flour, sugar, butter and egg in the bowl of the processor, or, mix them together carefully with cool hands on a cold surface

2- wrap in foil and put it in the fridge for at least half an hour

3- take it out, flour your work top. Break off around a small third of the whole and set aside

4- halve the rest, set aside one ball and add the cocoa powder to the other one, so that you have two balls, one light and the other dark

5- roll both out, on a floured surface, to approximately the same size, trying to get as good a square as you can manage

6- brush the light sheet with egg white, and place the dark one atop it

7- mark and cut off strips of around 1 and half cm width

8- roll out the separated sheet of dough, thinner than the first two ones

9- brush with egg white, and place the strips, starting with brown, then white, brown, white, next to each other. Just use four at a time

10- layer them like this, to make three layers, brushing with egg white between each layer

11- fold the sheet over this log, to close it in, place the log wrapped in foil to cool for half an hour

12- mark thin slices and cut off with a sharp knife

13- bake for between 10 to 12 minutes. Let cool... and enjoy :)


  1. Ufff lovely really no words to say looking so perfect like we buy it in a bakery!!!wonderfull job !!! am
    wanting to eat some but itni mehnat koun kare :)
    Come and make na :(

  2. Omgggg..Love it!!

    Sabz..ur amazing..mashallah
    thanks for sharing..

    Lot's of love,

  3. its beatiful..lovey.

  4. just wondering..instead of grinding regular sugar, can I just use powdered sugar??

  5. Hi Anonymous :)

    sure, u can. But I find powdered sugar to be a bit less sweet than regular sugar. So u'd have to adjust that a bit. But otherwise, nothing against it. Do so and do tell :) Thanks for the comments.

  6. Hi,its look perfect i love it n wish 2 try,can u share more recipes.

  7. Thank you Madiha :) Please do try and give your feedback. Have a look at my other older recipes. Hope you find something interesting :) Thanks once again :)

  8. okay im making these now but the dough looks odd..i used really cold butter. the measurements when i converted them i think they went wrong so i just added some more flour and sugar a few mins ago and put it in the fridge to get cold but still its at a spreadable consistency not dough like...did i do something wrong?? ahh wish me luck!!

  9. Hi - could you tell me what went wrong? How did the dough look? and, its probably too late now - my mistake - I should have said - whatever you do, never add more flour! :( - pls do tell me what became of your attempt...

  10. I mean - what did you convert them into? and how? Sorry - but it just makes me so sad that your dough didnt work out.. pls do tell.. and did you watch the video? that is quite helpful..

  11. i converted using that handy thing you posted in one of your earlier posts..the butter and sugar came out to 3/4 cup but then after making the dough and seeing that it wasnt the right texture...i came back to convert the grams into cups again and it came out to 1 cup so i added a little bit more sugar and flour. i stuck the dough in the was really hard assembling it and didnt look nearly as neat as yours but they are still edible lol only the pattern didnt turn out to going to bake the rest today. oh and i did watch the video it was really helpful!! i used wax paper to roll out my dough because the butter kept melting and it was so sticky. anyways thanks for a great cookies still taste good even if they dont look so good hehe

  12. Hey am I happy to see your answer :) Believe it or not, I've been waiting for your input and feedback. Yes I had that problem too, of cups and measuring. Until I finally gave up and bought a digital scale.. since then, life has become easier :) Grams to cup and back again will almost always give different results.. But I am really glad they tasted good. Thank you so much for trying it out and if you have any request, let me know.. will try my best to fulfill it. Enjoy your checkerboards :)

  13. iam making this today i tried to make the dough but it was so dry that i end up adding 1 more egg so then it form the dough at last ..let see how it turn out

  14. Hullo! What became of them? Could you tell me what measurements you used? I am really sad that the dough turned out dry.. and am surprised.. because this is such a tried and tested recipe.. I wonder what went wrong. Please do tell me what measures u took and how it turned out in the end. Thanks!!

  15. humm thanks for replying yar actually i think i did worng with meauremants of every thing go wrong to taste...:D
    it was my fault...soo i will try again soon..
    end result came out good looking but not taste ..

  16. oh.. so sorry to hear that... but so glad you answered! And thank you for telling me what the problem was.. I was getting so low.. but dont lose heart! Try again...that is the key to success.. I am sure they were good in a different way.. nothing is ever really bad.. just different :) So try again.. hey, I made horrible pilaw almost 3 years.. until finally I got it! So dont lose hope.. and never give up! Its just a few ingredients.. u cant let them put you off :) So himmat do.. and banao again :)) Keep in touch.

  17. hi its awesome where isn the video link i cant seee plz help me i need a video

  18. Hi Laiba, thanks for writing :) The video link is the next post, I'll just open it and post the link here.. make and do tell :)

  19. Here's the video link - hope it helps :) Good luck :)

  20. what kind of flour and sugar, shall i use?

  21. Use normal flour. No need for special or extra fine flour. Same with sugar. Normal sugar, measure it out and grind it in ur grinder. U dont need special icing or fine sugar.


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