Monday, 4 February 2008


Okay Ipsi, this is what you wanted na.. but beware, I dont make it the way everybody else makes it. Or at least, everybody I know.. Keep a few things in mind:

- most people opt for boneless. I dont. I feel the boned meat adds its own special flavour. Boneless leaves it too plain, in my opinon. So opt for clean cuts of meat with good bone.

- the tastier the qorma you make, the tastier your haleem will be.

- the trick in this version of haleem is, the longer you bhunofy it, the better it will be. I spent around 3 hours - 3 solid hours - bhuning! And yet, when we ate the leftover the next day, after more cooking, it tasted better!

So, here goes:

.. this is what you need:

1 & half kilo meat. I used lamb shoulder
Spices as you would for qorma -
salt, pepper, chilli, haldi, coriander, G&G,
onion, tomato puree of 3, 4 large tomatoes
half a cup each of: mash, moong and masoor
one cup of channa
one cup Rice
2 and half cups Porridge (dalia)

.. and this is what you should do:

1- soak the lentils and the rice the night before
2- next day, let them cook in a large pot with lots of water, add some salt and cook cook cook!

3- set the meat to cook, with all spices and a lot of water. Enough that will cook the meat and really soften it up

4- once the meat falls off the bone easily, turn off heat and let it cool
5- once cool, shred the meat with your fingers. This is slow painstaking work. Be careful to get all the small gritty bits of bone, let it cook on very low flame while you tend to the lentil mash

6- once your lentils look almost mushy, add the dalia and some more water if needed and cook again to get the haleem look. If needs be, use a hand-puree machine

7- add this mash, spoon by spoon, to ur meat mix

8- I used almost all my mix, leaving around 2 cups
9- now keep cooking the meat/mash mix. Alternate with ghee/oil (I used ghee) and just spend the next few hours of your life bhuning :)
10- taste in between and set spices. Add water to get the right consistency.

11- once youre sure its the taste you want, temper with ghee and some white zeera
12 - serve and enjoy :)