Thursday, 17 January 2008


I know most of you can just buy the glass off the shelf. For my part, I did that too until the always same taste of the thing got too much. Have u considered? It always tastes the same, no? So I sat down and threw a few things together.. and it turned out excellent. Problem was, I hadn't noted it down! So made it again, and wrote everything down - and here it is:

A few things first: I use regular oil, whatever is there. I also don't spend time and energy on sterilising and doing what not to the jars. I do take care though that the jars are clean and dry. Also, no need to pre-cook the oil or whatever. Believe me, just follow my instructions, dont change anything and u will enjoy a very tasty very different achar after a couple of weeks ripening time :) And remember - this is all MY creation.. u know, patent-law and all ;)

okay, so, this is what you need:

7 unripe -green- mangoes
1 large carrot
5 small lemons, I think u call them lime..
9 green chillies
2 cups of white vinegar
2 & half tbls kalonji
2 & half tbls meethi (fengureek)
2 tbls rai
1 & half tbls salt
1 tbls coriander
1 tbls cumin
2 tbls haldi (kurkuma, yellow spice)
3/4 tbls crushed red chillies

.. and this is what you should do:

1- cut all the veggies in small pieces, set aside
2- dry roast all the spices except salt, haldi and crushed red chillies
3- let them cool and then grind them
4- fry the veggies in hot oil - I prefer to do the carrots, then lemons, then chillies and in the end, mangoes - but u can choose

5- take the veggies out and fry the ground spices in the same oil, except salt

6- put the veggies in the oil/spice mix and let it just cook for a few minutes

7- pour the vinegar over it all and mix well
8- fill into jars, toss a bit. If oil is too little, just pour over some from the bottle - no need to warm it. Just as is.

9- clean the corners :) and store anywhere u like - mine stand on the sideboard..

Keep in mind, it needs to ripen at least 2 -3 weeks. I tried mine yesterday, the mangoes tasted not as achari as they should but the rest of the veggies were very tasty. That tells me the mangoes need more time. So. let it stand.

I tell you u haver never tasted such tasty achar.. me is very happy with this one. Have fun.