Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Halwa poori

Hullo all. . Api has asked me a couple of times about halwa poori. Well, I have taken the trouble to make it again for the pics sake and am posting it. A few words in advance:

I make the pooris - and it is MY own recipe! - a bit differently. So dont expect the same oily soggy thing u can buy back home. Its the sort that one can even eat two of.. not that oily, not at all soggy, rather crisp..

Then, the halwa is a recipe of my sister-in-law's. Its really a great and very easy way to make. I have modified it slightly, but the basic is hers so the credit goes to her.

We all know how to make channa/cholas so I have come up with a potato thingy.. a very different taste and light enough. So all in all, I hope u'll enjoy the making and eating.. and PUHLEEZE - someone! make something and tell me... warna I wont post anymore!

So, this is what you need:
For the pooris:
2 & half cup plain flour
2 & half cup wheat flour (ata)
3 tblsp ghee
1/2 tsp salt
slightly warm water

For the halwa:
1 cup of soojhi (semolina)
1 cup sugar
1 cup ghee
2 cups water
some food colour - optional

*the cup is small! So no worries.. and dont be scared away with the one cup ghee and sugar - it fits in wonderfully with the semolina.. TRY it!

For the potato curry:
4 -5 medium potatoes
9 -10 curry leaves
1/4 tsp each of
Cumin (and don't tell me u don't have any ready roasted at home!)
Onion seeds (kalonji)
Mustard seeds (rai)

.. and this is what you should do:

1- kneed the dough by adding ghee to both the flours and salt and rubbing in to make breadcrumbs
2- add water, bit by bit to get a supple dough. Should not be too sticky otherwise you will need too much flour to roll out and the poori will be lost
3- cover and set aside for half an hour
4- roll out and lay all ready

5- heat the oil - you will know it has the right temperature when a wooden spoon held in the middle of the pan throws bubbles out - and it has to STAY hot all through!

6- put the poori in carefully. If u have made it right, it will fluff up almost immediately

7- let it fry for a few seconds and turn it
8- place the golden poori - or keep it pale if you prefer on a piece of wax paper. I used newspaper first, but have found out that its harmful to health. So please use wax paper.
9- keep it covered.

- the sense in rolling them all ready is hopefully clear to all :)

Next, the halwa:

1- put the pan on the stove, throw in everything, the ghee, the semolina, sugar and water
2- put the pan on low heat and let it cook

3- keep stirring... until it has the desired consistency - I like it very firm- take out, cover and keep aside

The aalus:

1- toss in the spices in some hot oil and let them splutter and sish!

2- in with the diced potatoes
3- half a glass water, cover and let cook

4- check after 20 minutes - they should be done and u should have just enough gravy to enjoy

Serve and enjoy :)