Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Question of interest

Any one interested in mango achar? Homemade with carrots and lemon and chillies green? Well if yes, let me know. I made it again yesterday and have pics to go with it. But its a long one, so if its not really wished for, I will save myself the trouble :)

Namak pare - finally!

For those of you who like namak pare and are deprived enough to make them yourself at home, here is what works wonders for me: - dont have a pic though...

- mix 1 cup of plain flour with half a tsp salt and half a tsp cumin
- add 4 tblsp of oil and crumble
- if you have one, use the machine - put the crumbly mixture in and add a little water drop wise, just to get a soft dough. Usually they tell u the dough should be a little hard - bla to that.. it is perfectly alright if its soft
- let it rest an hour and then knead it once again
- roll out and remember - the thinner you roll it, the better they will be. So roll away, use a little flour if needed, which you should not too much actually because of the oil
- and yes, always fry them on low heat..

They taste really good and crispy.. do try..

Morning :)

Saw this on tv yesterday, and tried it. Since I saw it, I will write the recipe as is and will add my own changes to it below.

So, this is what you need:

Slices of bread, as many as you want, halved or in threes
2 eggs
2 cups cornfour
250 grms Cheddar cheese
salt, pepper, aginomoto, red chillies, fresh coriander

.. and this is what you should do:

1- beat the eggs, add spices
2- mix in the cornflour and mix well
3- add the cheese

4- spread it on the slices, it should be thick enough to be spread
5- fry in very little oil, in a non-stick pan, cheese side down

6- turn over and let the other side roast a bit. Pan should not be oily, it will destroy the taste..
7- serve golden brown with ketchup...

okay, and this is what I found out:

1- the 2 eggs are/were not sufficient to soak up and mix 2 cups of cornflour.. they didnt show the mixing of the cornflour, so I have no way of knowing what happened... but in my case, my hand nearly broke trying to mix that much cornflour with just the 2 eggs! So, I added one cup cold milk to that mixture, and then we were in business!

2- again, I took around 300 grms cheese, 250 Mozarella and 50 Cheddar

3- I did not use aginomoto, but did use white pepper and some curry powder along with salt and pepper

It turned out very tasty, just be careful with the oil.. dont put in too much to start with, so by the time the cheese slices will be done, and u turn them over, the bottom side will just get a light roast.

Enjoy :)