Monday, 8 September 2008


Something quick and very easy = kachoris.

This is what you need:

For the dough:

1 mug flour
3 tbls oil
1 level tbls soft ghee
1/2 tsp salt
ice cold water

For the filling:

1/4 cup yellow moong daal
1 tsp each of: ground coriander, salt, saunf, aamchoor
1/2 tsp ginger powder
pinch hing
2 tbls oil
3 tbls water

.. and this is what you should do:

1- rub oil and salt into the flour and make a soft dough by adding very cold water. Dont knead the dough, it should be very soft, yet not sticky

2- cover and set aside for 15 minutes

3- for the filling grind the daal to almost powder form

4- add all the spices and oil and mix well. Set the pan on the stove and roast it for a bit

5- take off from heat, add the water and make a soft mixture

6- make small balls from the dough and flatten it with your fingers. Just pull gently, no need to roll it out

7- fill the kachori and bring up its ends to close

8- let the balls stand for 5 minutes and then flatten with the base of your palm, to make a smooth round

9- set the oil on low flame. If the oil heats up too much, the kachoris will turn out flat and hard. So keep the flame low

10- put the kachoris in and leave them be. They should not turn up and come to the top, rather just lie there in the oil, bubbling very slightly

11- when done on the inside, the kachoris will come up by themselves, which should take around 3 to 4 minutes.

12- turn them over and fry to golden

13- serve as you want, they are good enough even the next day. They are not at all greasy and heavy. Also, you can fill up with mince if you feel like it.


  1. tree jolllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks 4 the receipe

  2. this is amazing :)

  3. I tried it several times and every time turn out marvellous, before getting this recipe i have tried kachoris with various other recipes but none of them worked for me, finally glad for having a perfect recipe for perfect kachori thankxx

  4. Alhamdolillah and thank you so much for ur feedback Madil :)

  5. These kachoris look so perfect. I have never really made kachoris before, or even eaten home made kachoris for that matter. I am planning to make these for the breakfast on friday inshaAllah. I have a few questions.
    1. Can I prepare the dough ahead? Like the night before and let it stay in the refrigerator? The same question goes for poori dough as well.
    2. Do I have to use maida? Or can I make them with the whole wheat flour that I use to make the rotis (We don't usually use refined flour)?
    3. Should the kachoris be put in cold oil, or the oil should be heated for a while on low flame?
    I'd be really grateful if you could answer my queries.

    Love and Regards,

  6. Thank you Hafsa dear :)
    1- you could, but I wouldnt advise it. Such things are best eaten fresh. But if you do, then take the dough out of the fridge at least an hour before you need to make them.
    2- well yes, it just tastes better with maida. But here again, if ure using ata, then add some maida to it. Like 3/4 cup ata and 1/4 cup maida. They could turn out a little hard if you use too much ata.
    3- no, the oil should be hot, but not too much and it should be on LOW heat. The lowest posisble. If the oil is hot, the kachoris will come up immediately when u put them in and be stiff and dry as a result.

    Best of luck - do let me know how it went :)

    Lots of love

  7. I tried this recipe for yesterday's breakfast. I tried following the recipe exactly as it is. The first couple of them were a disaster, but that was because I couldn't really determine exactly how large the kachoris should be and how hot the oil should be. But once I got the hang of it, the rest came out great. I wouldn't say they were picture perfect, probably since it was my first time and also because I don't have a deep wok and I fried them in a frying pan, but they were absolutely yummilicious. I made about a dozen of them, and my husband loved them. Next time inshaAllah I will make them with chanay ka salan. Thank you so much for the recipe and for addressing my queries.

    Love and Regards,

  8. Hmmm.. glad that they turned out well afterall. Yes, I should have mentioned that they should be deep fried, as in a wok. But I'm sure they'll be perfect next time. Thank you for giving me the feedback.. and for trusting my recipe enough to try it :) Lots of love

  9. Assalam alaikum, got this recipe from foodilicious guys...i didnt try it but i cook a lot so i can guess just by the ingredients n your method that its going to be delicious....Will try it soon n definitely follow your blog from now on. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Walaikum ass'salaam and thank you so much. Please do try it and let me know how it went :)

  11. AOA.. i haven't tried these but by the look of them, they look thicker than those that we have here in pakistan. those are more like pooris. Do these turn out the same or are these thicker?

  12. w'salaam. Thats just the angle.. they're not thick at all.. do give them a try :)


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