Monday, 8 September 2008


Something quick and very easy = kachoris.

This is what you need:

For the dough:

1 mug flour
3 tbls oil
1 level tbls soft ghee
1/2 tsp salt
ice cold water

For the filling:

1/4 cup yellow moong daal
1 tsp each of: ground coriander, salt, saunf, aamchoor
1/2 tsp ginger powder
pinch hing
2 tbls oil
3 tbls water

.. and this is what you should do:

1- rub oil and salt into the flour and make a soft dough by adding very cold water. Dont knead the dough, it should be very soft, yet not sticky

2- cover and set aside for 15 minutes

3- for the filling grind the daal to almost powder form

4- add all the spices and oil and mix well. Set the pan on the stove and roast it for a bit

5- take off from heat, add the water and make a soft mixture

6- make small balls from the dough and flatten it with your fingers. Just pull gently, no need to roll it out

7- fill the kachori and bring up its ends to close

8- let the balls stand for 5 minutes and then flatten with the base of your palm, to make a smooth round

9- set the oil on low flame. If the oil heats up too much, the kachoris will turn out flat and hard. So keep the flame low

10- put the kachoris in and leave them be. They should not turn up and come to the top, rather just lie there in the oil, bubbling very slightly

11- when done on the inside, the kachoris will come up by themselves, which should take around 3 to 4 minutes.

12- turn them over and fry to golden

13- serve as you want, they are good enough even the next day. They are not at all greasy and heavy. Also, you can fill up with mince if you feel like it.