Wednesday, 30 April 2008

My Naans

Api was showing me a recipe for naans the other day and I told her, girl, u wait till u eat the ones I make :)) So, here goes ... and since I am so nice, I will tell u the secret tip, that makes them as tasty as they look. But beware, I found that out after SO much practice.. so keep that in mind when anyone praises the naans you make ;)

This is what you need:

230 ml warm water
3 tsp yeast
1 tsp baking powder
3 mugs plus 2 tbls flour
2 tsp sugar
2 tblsp milk
1 and half tsp salt
2 -3 tblsp ghee
extra oil and flour for dusting and greasing

.. and this is what you should do...

1- pour finger-bearable-hot water in a wide bowl and sprinkle over the yeast, baking powder, sugar and 2 tbls flour

2- cover it well and let it stand at least 15 minutes. It should look something like this:

3- tip in the flour, the milk, salt and ghee. Mix well with ur hands, kneed as long as the bowl is clean and nothing sticks to the base. Make a ball, sprinkle some flour, cover it with a plastic bag and put it in some place warm

4- after an hour it should look like this

5- knead some more and let it rise again. When the dough is done, it will look many-layered and be almost elastic to the touch

6- pre-heat the oven. Make small balls, roll into small naans, sprinkle flour on the table and lay them there, letting them rise once again in the warm kitchen

7- put some oil or ghee on the bottom of the naans, and place them on the tray, spreading a little ghee on the top as well

8- put them in the HOT oven and let the underside change colour slightly, turn off the heat underneath and turn on the grill. They're done when they're slightly golden...

NOW for the tips:

1- the oven should be VERY HOT. If its cold, the naans will take longer to bake and turn hard
2- once the underside is done, open the oven in between and spray water from a spray bottle and shut the oven door. This will create steam and keep the naans moist and soft.
3- once they are done, put them in foil, and cover with a cloth. That will keep them soft.
4- if you forget the spraying, spray the foil and then cover with cloth. That will help too.

These naans are soft even after two days, if u heat them by sprinkling a little water and heating them. No need for ghee or anything else. Also, the top just needs ghee, to brown. No need for dahi or anything else.

Now make and bake and tell :)