Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The Pakora Experiment

So, here I am with another experiment and I must say I am quite pleased with myself. Ever end up with too many pakoras? What do you do with them? Well, to my shame I must admit that I normally let them lie until I have an excuse to do away with them.. I know, I know, despicable! But, well..

So, I had a few again and thought, why not try something. I did and believe me, the result is very tasty. Try it.

.. this is what you need:

a plate of stale pakoras

1 onion
1/2 can tomato puree or use fresh tomatoes
Garam masla, red chilli, dhania powder and salt
some green for garnish

.. and this is what you should do:

- fry the onions till they are nice and brown
- tip in the tomato puree and let it cook

- keep stirring and add the spices. But do take care, if your pakoras are spicy, then keep a soft hand with the rest of the spices especially salt!
- put in the pakoras and bhunofy, adding a little water

- cover and let it simmer for 5 - 10 mins
- the end result should look tasty - garnish, serve and enjoy with naans!


  1. wonderful idea I must say. Will try cetainly. Can you think of what to do with all those rotis that are left over? Specially the tandoori roti? No one likes it even fried,next day and mostly I have to give them away. Feel so bad. Do think. Love.

  2. looks like karahi murghi some how good idea, i usually make dahi phulikian out of it IF it ever remains!!!! but yes i will try this out some time thx dearie!!!
    love ips


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