Wednesday, 13 February 2008

My Biryani

Okay, so we can all open a packet of Shaan biryani mix :) This is something I have tried a couple of times and I prefer it to the very spicey and heavy Bombay Biryani that we all know. Try it.

This is what you need:

Rice, 3 mugs, 255 gms each - almost 800 gms, of course, keeping in mind that I have a family of 4 - with large appetites :) - boiled with a few curry and mint leaves - for the biryani
Chicken (or any other meat, but I prefer chicken)- around 1 whole, making 6 to 8 pieces
2 large onions, finely chopped and fried golden brown - save the oil u fried them in
3 big tomatoes
1 bowl of yoghurt
10 - 15 leaves of curry (karipatta)
half a bunch of mint
Ginger and Garlic as paste and ginger julienne
Garam masala:
2 big black cardamoms
3, 4 greens cardamoms, 4- 5 cloves, 1/2 tsp black peppercorns
1 & half tsp roasted cumin
1 and half tsp ground coriander, 3/4 tsp red chili, 1 tsp, or more or less according to your taste salt, 1/4 tsp haldi,
some food colouring in half a cup of milk - you need a deep yellow colour
3-4 tbls lemon juice
1/4 tsp each of nutmeg and mace powder and ground cardamoms (green and black together)

.. and this is what you should do:

1- put the fried onions in a dry pot - without oil and let them heat up a bit
2- toss in the tomatoes and the garam masla and around half of the curry leaves
3- let it all cook, stirring so that it doesnt burn. Add a little water if it seems too dry

4- add the chicken, ginger garlic paste and a tbls of lemon juice, so that it doesnt stick and burn
5- let the chicken cook for a while, then add the spices. Cook it more, around 10 minutes and then add the potatoes
6- the chicken and potatoes would need around 15 minutes to be done, chk and set aside

7- cover this chicken with the boiled rice - as is! dont give in to the temptation of mixing the rice with it. Just cover the chicken
8- now decorate with the mint and curry leaves and ginger julienne. Pour over the milk/colour mixture and the saved oil of the onions

9- spread the yoghurt over it all and sprinkle with the nutmeg/cardamom and mace powder

10 - cover with a clean cloth, directly over the yoghurt. Fold in the sides so that the rice is fully covered

11- let it gather steam, around 15 minutes, uncover, turn the biryani up and around, to mix, and enjoy :)

- the yoghurt will have turned into a paneer like thingy, which tastes very good when it comes between the rice. The gravy is just enough and the rice has a very nice colour to it. If you feel a bit daring, add a drop of kehwra to the milk mix. The fragrance is wow! I did..

- just make it this way once without adding or taking anything away. Since I have made it, no one asks for the other one. And it passed the acid test - I had just one hour and 20 minutes and it was done within that time! So its quick too. Try it :)


  1. have to be very bold to try this one,what if the rice gets too soft?as i have been having this bhurta problem since the last two times i think i better see the pics and enjoy eating it in my dream :-)

    seems really tasty but why no dhania?? podina makes it a bit taiz naen??
    thx for ur efforts sending us so good tarkeebs Muah

  2. na, podina gives it a great fragrance actually,better than dhania. Besides, dhania gives a blackish clour. And be careful, rice wont be too soft if you cook it just done.. it is a very tasty one. Do try.

  3. na, podina gives it a great fragrance actually,better than dhania. Besides, dhania gives a blackish clour. And be careful, rice wont be too soft if you cook it just done.. it is a very tasty one. Do try.

  4. can you plz specify the quantity of meat, rice and spices

  5. Thanks for the question Mariam. I have amended the recipe, hope that clears it up :)

  6. I m bit concerned about the dahi on the top. Never heard it before.

  7. Don't be Attiya! It will give you a paneer like result - try it once.. Inshallah you will be glad you did :) Thanks for the question and if there's anything else, please do ask :)

  8. I know its been a while since this recipe has been posted, but I just stumbles upon your blog today. A problem I always seem to have with biryani is my rice in the end seems a bit mushy. I mean its edible but I cant really mix it well because the rice grains would break to nothing. My question is, how long do you boil your rice? In this biryani it must have been boiled a bit less or else you couldnt have added all that milk to it in the end. But what about for other biryani's? By the way, I love your blog. Keep the recipe's coming, their amazing!

  9. Dear Anisa,
    the thing with biryani is, there are two thoughts. One taste is of rice that is mushy and soft.. and one of firm rice. I prefer the mushy one :)
    Having said that, for a middle way, just boil the rice as long as it takes for u to press the rice between two fingers and get a slight resistance. The rice should not break easily.
    Drain water at this stage and pour over the milk, in this case, and keep it on damm on low heat. For biryanis without extra milk, layer it, cover with aluminium foil and a cloth and secure the lid. Leave it on damm until steam is visible.
    That will give u the best results, InshaAllah.
    I hope I've helped u a bit :)
    Thank you.. and please keep the comments coming too :)

  10. hey....luvly place we can have bombay biriyani too...:)) fed up of Talassery (KERALA) Biriyani...

  11. Ruhina,
    Thanks so much for your reply. My husband prefers the rice where the grains are separate,I personally grew up eating it a bit mushy. But I have started to like it the other way now, but can't seem to get it right :( The last two biryani's have been better, you have helped a lot. By the way, a quick question, where did you learn how to cook? Your absolutely amazing. Lot's of love, Anisa

  12. Hullo Hasna, thanks for the comments :) I've never tried Talassery.. but love biryanis :) Do have a look and let me know what you think of the other recipes :)

  13. Dear Anisa
    Thanks so much for writing in. I was wondering what became of your biryanis :)Yes thats the great thing about food - we can all love the same things but differently. I'm SO glad that I have been able to be of some help. InshaAllah, u'll be perfect at it in no time... as long as we're dedicated to what we do, it can be managed.
    Where I leart? Well I have the know how and passion from my mother and the rest is trial and error. I love being in the kitchen.. Thank you so much for ur kind words. Made me happy :) Do let me know if you have a special wish.
    Lots of love back :)

  14. Hi Ruhina,
    Im going to try this today! I usually add 2.5 tsp of salt to 3 cups of rice, 1.5 tsp into the masala and 1 tsp into the rice itself when boiling it - but I'll follow this to the tee to see what happens. :)

  15. Hi Sana :)
    Well I usually add salt to rice when boiling and then to the masala of chicken. Just be careful with salt as each palate is different.. Best of luck... do let me know what happens :)


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