Monday, 4 February 2008


Okay Ipsi, this is what you wanted na.. but beware, I dont make it the way everybody else makes it. Or at least, everybody I know.. Keep a few things in mind:

- most people opt for boneless. I dont. I feel the boned meat adds its own special flavour. Boneless leaves it too plain, in my opinon. So opt for clean cuts of meat with good bone.

- the tastier the qorma you make, the tastier your haleem will be.

- the trick in this version of haleem is, the longer you bhunofy it, the better it will be. I spent around 3 hours - 3 solid hours - bhuning! And yet, when we ate the leftover the next day, after more cooking, it tasted better!

So, here goes:

.. this is what you need:

1 & half kilo meat. I used lamb shoulder
Spices as you would for qorma -
salt, pepper, chilli, haldi, coriander, G&G,
onion, tomato puree of 3, 4 large tomatoes
half a cup each of: mash, moong and masoor
one cup of channa
one cup Rice
2 and half cups Porridge (dalia)

.. and this is what you should do:

1- soak the lentils and the rice the night before
2- next day, let them cook in a large pot with lots of water, add some salt and cook cook cook!

3- set the meat to cook, with all spices and a lot of water. Enough that will cook the meat and really soften it up

4- once the meat falls off the bone easily, turn off heat and let it cool
5- once cool, shred the meat with your fingers. This is slow painstaking work. Be careful to get all the small gritty bits of bone, let it cook on very low flame while you tend to the lentil mash

6- once your lentils look almost mushy, add the dalia and some more water if needed and cook again to get the haleem look. If needs be, use a hand-puree machine

7- add this mash, spoon by spoon, to ur meat mix

8- I used almost all my mix, leaving around 2 cups
9- now keep cooking the meat/mash mix. Alternate with ghee/oil (I used ghee) and just spend the next few hours of your life bhuning :)
10- taste in between and set spices. Add water to get the right consistency.

11- once youre sure its the taste you want, temper with ghee and some white zeera
12 - serve and enjoy :)


  1. well the most interesting part were the dishes with roast onion and hara masala!!!! gift me next time you come over thx in advance!!

    so the haleem looks super but tell me is it sticky like "hareesa" hope not it looks so tasty i think i will make it this week i have all things at home.
    Thanks a lot my dearest for thsi special effort!!Love you pots and pans!!! ips

  2. hehe.. still afraid of the hareesa touch I see :) no, no worries my lovely, it is very much haleemi.. so go ahead and try. As to the dishes, come and get them sweetie :P

  3. Uff! U zalim aurat... just came back from 3 classes with tummy rumbling from hunger...and there's this oh-so-delicious looking haleem. how come you never knew these recipes when you were here?How about learning some postage tips too!!

  4. I love it Ruhi. Next weekend will be Haleem k naam. haha Inshallah

  5. I wish I could see what the Mash and Channa looked like. Then I would have had a clear idea. more over when did you add the chana?

  6. I'll be waiting for ur feedback Amber :) Thanks a ton for liking it :)

  7. Taslima, if you check the pictures again, u'll see that I have all daals together. The maash is all mashed up and the channa very soft and almost all gone too. The rest then gets pureed when u mash it or go through with the blender. Since they were soaking overnight and cooked so long, I added them together. If its still unclear, please do ask. Thanks for writing.

  8. wow this recipe looks superb! Just how mom used to make it. I never could get the daal ratios correct but this helps! did you do a "tarka" of browned onions at the end?

  9. Thanks Shizza :)No, I dont do a tarka at the end. Just use generous ghee to bhunofy it. And serve brown, cripsy onions with it.. plus all the other thing.. :) I guess u could give it a tarka, but I personally dont like it. I feel it gives the haleem a 'daal' taste .. :)

  10. By porridge- daalia, u mean oatmeal??
    so it has to be cooked first or we just add the oatmeal in (dry)....if i have the instant oatmeal, do i just add some water and cook in the micrwave??? would that work??? can u plz explain. thankx

  11. Yes, oatmeal. Just add it direct from the box or can. No need to cook it. I have the Quakers quick cooking oats. They're the best. If you're using the 'desi' variety, which needs to be cooked because its hard, then do cook it. But best would be if you buy a box/can of 'normal' oats.

  12. Thanks for the more question....i usually used the premixed haleem daal package found at the desi store...can i use that or what u do......what do u say, would it make mush difference....also the water in the daal....will it be that it kindda evaporates as the daal is cooked?? or will there will be some left...can u mention the quantity of water at the end the rice and daal will be a that what we want to achaive....approx for how long should it be cooked,...the daal and rice together......all these questions may sound stupid but i just want to be sure before i cook it..thanks in advance

  13. My dear I've never used the package, so dont really know whats in it. I'd suggest you say Bismillah and try it according to recipe..
    Yes, the water will evaporate, just the daals will thicken
    Dont really know the quantity, I just added enough to cover the daals and leave a cup over.
    Yes, at the end it will all just be a mix, u wont be able to know, what was what... which is exactly what we want to achieve
    It too me almost an hour - u just need to watch it, to see when it turns to mush.
    No question is ever stupid my dear.. we all learn from each other. Anything else, please do ask :)

  14. I am planning to cook haleem for a dinner party. can u plz tell me whether u used all the daal mixture or was some left.....i am just a little hesitant about the quantity coz for 1kg of meat i usually add 1 cup of daal mixture....but u have about 2 cups of daal, 1 cup of rice and 11/2 cups of oatmeal.......looks really yummy in the pictures...i am just nervous to mess it up coz have never tried this way before.

  15. My dear, I used 1 and half kilo meat and of all the mix, I had 2 cups leftover. So, I would advise to make it that way - and InshaAllah it will be fine. Just follow directions and ask if u need any help :)

  16. i am sorry for replying lateeee....but i tried your recipe with a little tweaking and it turned out great. thank you so much for replying to all my questions and for this great recipe. JazakAllah Khair sister

  17. Hayyak Allah dear - I'm just a little confused - I have two anonymous posters so dont know whether u're both the same or not :) Anyhows, Alhamdolillah that it went well for u. Do tell me what u tweaked - maybe I can learn from u :) Thanks for the feedback :)

  18. can u plz tell what quantity of onion did u used?

  19. hi
    can plz tell me what uantity of onion did u used?

  20. Nadia I used 3 medium sized ones.

  21. hi i have made haleem 2-3 times n alhamdullilah it cums out great..just wanted to confirm the use of onion in u add it in qorma or garnish at the end?????for qorma its meat,spices,garlic ginger and tomato puree????or fry onion first n add meat etc????thanks

  22. Hello there :) and thank you very much for this feedback :) Yes, onion goes into the qorma stuff right at the start and will cook with the curry as normal. Then, u'll use fried onion for garnish and serving.. Thanks for writing :)

  23. Asalamualaikum, this haleem recipe looks really yummy. As I´m newly wed and trying to cook new dishes can you please tell me if we have to fry the onions for the qorma as well? Thanks in Avance:-)
    Have a blessed Ramadan!

  24. Walaikum ass'salaam.. Congratulations on your marriage - may you have a blessed and happy life - Ameen. :)

    Acha, no need to fry them beforehand.. They'll cook with the qorma.. if you dont like the feel of raw onions, then fry.. but it will darken the colour of the haleem. That too is a taste thing.. but for the recipe's sake, no need to fry :)
    Most welcome and have a blessed last Ashra too :)

  25. ladies if ne1 z hesitant in making this recepie plz dont be its really good i hav made it many tymz without ne problem...just take care of ur qorma as it gives the real taste...


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