Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Question of interest

Any one interested in mango achar? Homemade with carrots and lemon and chillies green? Well if yes, let me know. I made it again yesterday and have pics to go with it. But its a long one, so if its not really wished for, I will save myself the trouble :)


  1. well as we dont get mangoes here all the season and we can buy ready made much easier so i thing i will not take the pain to make it myself at home!! but of coure the colourful pictures r always good to see and enjoy why not so do put them in ur blog sweety!!!

  2. chalo, lets see. will do if i have the time for it :P

  3. Klar bin ich dran interessiert. Ähh, was issn das überhaupt :-).

    Mach weiter, könntest Du ja echt ausbauen...



  4. Danke :) Achar ist ein Chutney, nur schweriger her zu stellen und aber auch viel anders im Geschmack. Ich poste bald, kannst ja mal ausprobieren..


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