Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Namak pare - finally!

For those of you who like namak pare and are deprived enough to make them yourself at home, here is what works wonders for me: - dont have a pic though...

- mix 1 cup of plain flour with half a tsp salt and half a tsp cumin
- add 4 tblsp of oil and crumble
- if you have one, use the machine - put the crumbly mixture in and add a little water drop wise, just to get a soft dough. Usually they tell u the dough should be a little hard - bla to that.. it is perfectly alright if its soft
- let it rest an hour and then knead it once again
- roll out and remember - the thinner you roll it, the better they will be. So roll away, use a little flour if needed, which you should not too much actually because of the oil
- and yes, always fry them on low heat..

They taste really good and crispy.. do try..

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  1. seems good and easy for beginners, i put in curd that makes the namak paray very khasta just a tip!!


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