Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Halwa poori

Hullo all. . Api has asked me a couple of times about halwa poori. Well, I have taken the trouble to make it again for the pics sake and am posting it. A few words in advance:

I make the pooris - and it is MY own recipe! - a bit differently. So dont expect the same oily soggy thing u can buy back home. Its the sort that one can even eat two of.. not that oily, not at all soggy, rather crisp..

Then, the halwa is a recipe of my sister-in-law's. Its really a great and very easy way to make. I have modified it slightly, but the basic is hers so the credit goes to her.

We all know how to make channa/cholas so I have come up with a potato thingy.. a very different taste and light enough. So all in all, I hope u'll enjoy the making and eating.. and PUHLEEZE - someone! make something and tell me... warna I wont post anymore!

So, this is what you need:
For the pooris:
2 & half cup plain flour
2 & half cup wheat flour (ata)
3 tblsp ghee
1/2 tsp salt
slightly warm water

For the halwa:
1 cup of soojhi (semolina)
1 cup sugar
1 cup ghee
2 cups water
some food colour - optional

*the cup is small! So no worries.. and dont be scared away with the one cup ghee and sugar - it fits in wonderfully with the semolina.. TRY it!

For the potato curry:
4 -5 medium potatoes
9 -10 curry leaves
1/4 tsp each of
Cumin (and don't tell me u don't have any ready roasted at home!)
Onion seeds (kalonji)
Mustard seeds (rai)

.. and this is what you should do:

1- kneed the dough by adding ghee to both the flours and salt and rubbing in to make breadcrumbs
2- add water, bit by bit to get a supple dough. Should not be too sticky otherwise you will need too much flour to roll out and the poori will be lost
3- cover and set aside for half an hour
4- roll out and lay all ready

5- heat the oil - you will know it has the right temperature when a wooden spoon held in the middle of the pan throws bubbles out - and it has to STAY hot all through!

6- put the poori in carefully. If u have made it right, it will fluff up almost immediately

7- let it fry for a few seconds and turn it
8- place the golden poori - or keep it pale if you prefer on a piece of wax paper. I used newspaper first, but have found out that its harmful to health. So please use wax paper.
9- keep it covered.

- the sense in rolling them all ready is hopefully clear to all :)

Next, the halwa:

1- put the pan on the stove, throw in everything, the ghee, the semolina, sugar and water
2- put the pan on low heat and let it cook

3- keep stirring... until it has the desired consistency - I like it very firm- take out, cover and keep aside

The aalus:

1- toss in the spices in some hot oil and let them splutter and sish!

2- in with the diced potatoes
3- half a glass water, cover and let cook

4- check after 20 minutes - they should be done and u should have just enough gravy to enjoy

Serve and enjoy :)


  1. thanks a lot my darling lill sis to make this effort, it looks so delicious as always and you are right it shoudlnot be soggy in oil, you ant eat more than one nä, the halwa i have tried ,tastes very good with some of my changings.
    thx once more lovley.Api

  2. Assalamualaikum ruhi auntie
    i tried your halwa and ALHUMDULILLAH it tasted just like the ones we get back in pak-very delicious!!
    instead of putting all the ingredients together my mother suggested to first cook the sooji till it turns light brown in colour and then i added the rest in steps cooing them for 5 to 10 mins on low heat.
    now since then iv tried this thrice but the texture isn't the same as it was the first time.i too like it very firm but now it crumbles out-i think i have messed up with the measurements..but im still happy that the halwa i tried first time turned out good and yummy..

  3. Walaikum Ass'salaam dear Zainab :)
    I'm so glad you wrote in to tell me your experience. Have u tried it exactly the way I suggest? Do try it once.. dont saute the sooji first - believe me, it wont taste 'kaccha' - as this was the fear my sister had too :) Could you find out why the texture isnt right any more? Try again.. with smaller portions if u want, just reduce all in quantity by half.. but dont give up until u have the texture and taste u want and like. Any questions, ask me :)

    Thanks once again and I loved that u wrote and shared ur feedback :)


  4. Wow...everything looks totally delish.Will definitely try the halwa recipe.Never tried it before by putting everything in the pan much water if you want it not so firm?

  5. Thanks Anonymous :) Well use half a cup water more. And just remove from heat, when its as thick/thin as u want it. Would appreciate feedback :)

  6. Looks advise, kindly do not use news paper,magazine to drain oil, there are kitchen towels to drain off the extra oil

  7. salam... loved the recipe of halwa poori.. gonna try this.. soon i'll let u know..

  8. Thanks Reshma - yes, as you can see, I've amended my note in the recipe. We learn with time.. I didnt know, back then.. But now that I know, how dangerous it is to use newspaper, I've added that to the recipe and also tell other about it. Thanks for pointing it out again :)

  9. W'salaam.. thank you dear Shahzeen. Please do try and inshaAllah it will be perfect :) Good luck. Any questions, please do ask.

  10. salam
    loved the recipe n tried it as well came out perfect ... just a question, as u r an expert masha'Allah, what should I do if we want a bit soggy n oily n thin like we have in Pakistan ... u can say, I want to impress someone ... hope u answer me soon :)
    oh n I've tried ur bhatura's recipe too, it was a big hit :)

  11. W'salaam. Thank you dear.. and Alhamdolillah that it turned out well for u. And thank you for the praise :) As for soggy ones, just use plain flour, maida, and dont keep them in wax paper, rather in a hot pot or a metal pot with lid. That will make them soggy and oily.. I hope :) I made them like this a long time ago.. so hope it works for u. And Thanks for trying and liking the bhaturas, I love them too :)


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