Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Cheese Strudel

Hullo and sorry for being absent so long.. just been wandering around.. spent some dream time with u Api and it still feels like I wasn't really ever there! Attempted the Strudel - and apart from the fact that it was too small for us, it turned out quite nice :) So, here goes:

This is what you need:

for the strudel:
125 grms flour
1 medium egg
pinch of salt
3-4 tbls warm water
3-4 tbls oil

for the filling:
40 grms/3 tbls butter
40 grms/ 4 tbls sugar
1 medium egg
2 tsps lemon juice
250 grm cheese (philadelphia or any other curd cheese)
4 tsps vanilla flavoured custard
4 tsps cream
1 can of apricots, drained weight 240 grms
around a handful of raisins
another handful of crushed almonds

to coat:
melted butter
icing sugar

a clean, big tea towel.

This is what you will do:

1- make the dough by mixing the salt with the flour and adding the other ingredients. The dough might be a bit sticky, in that case, dust with flour to get a smooth dough

2- boil some water in a saucepan, pour it out, dry the pot and line with wax paper. Put the dough ball in and let stand, covered, for half an hour

3 - heat the oven and set a tray with all the ingredients, carry it to a big table if you have one so that u can work in peace

4- beat the soft butter lightly and add in the sugar, egg, lemon juice, cheese, custard powder and cream

5- drain and cut the the apricots in small pieces. Add them, the almonds and raisins to the cream mixture. Stick the bowl in the fridge and work on the dough

6- melt the butter. Spread out the tea towel on the table top and dust with flour. Put the dough on it and roll.. this is the tricky part. You need a lot of attention and patience with it, because its supposed to be thin enough for you to be able to see the design of the towel beneath it

7- dont roll with the pin too much, rather use your hands sans nails! Brush generously with melted butter

8- if the dough has an uneven edge, which it probably will :) - then cut along the sides to get a nice rectangle. When its thin enough, spread the cheese mix over it smoothly, leaving a margin. Take care not to flatten it.

9- fold in the sides, and roll as you would a cream-roll with the help of the tea towel. Do it slowly, otherwise you might as well make a cake of the whole thing!

10- when you're folding, take care to brush the sides with melted butter in between. Shift the roll to a greased baking dish and brush with butter. Stick it in the oven and let it bake to a crispy golden. Brush with butter again after around 10 mins of baking time

11- take it out, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with vanilla sauce...

Vanilla Sauce:
- boil 400 ml milk
- mix 3 tbls cornflour with a little cold milk
- add sugar and vanilla sugar or essence to it
- pour it in to the milk and let it thicken
- chill before serving!