Saturday, 15 December 2007

Picture credits

Okay I am being forced to admit this: all pictures where you see my hands, i.e., where I am making something and my hands are clearly to be seen, have been taken by Zara. She says she demands credit for taking such good pictures! So, pls be sure to appreciate the fact!


  1. Hey zaru you have done a super duper job darling as the main thing is HOW the hand is working na and you have captured it perfectly!!!! clap clap clap you are on the best way to compete any photographer!!!!!

  2. I ust say that I love the pictures more then the recipes on yo0ur blog. After looking at that you want to try the recipe. Super job by the photographer

  3. :) Thanks Aysha .. my daughter is happy about that :) Though.. it does make me feel a bit jealous! LOL! Thanks dear :)


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