Monday, 31 December 2007

Bhari mirchain aur qeema (stuffed chillies with mince)

This is more of a taste thing. Not everybody likes it because it combines a few different flavours. But if you make it right, you will love those different tastes.

This is what you need:

1 kilo mince - I used mutton, but the choice is yours
2 firm tomatoes, in wedges and 3 slightly softer ones, diced
1 cup of yoghurt
6 -8 big green chillies. The dark green sort.
Spices - see spice plate for details :)
4 onions, sliced
half a lemon
bunch of fresh coriander

... and this is what you do..

1 - fry the onions in hot oil to a nice golden brown
2- add the mince and let it cook a bit
3- when the mince looks done, add the spices - except pomegranate seeds

4- fry the meat a bit and then toss in the diced tomatoes, mix and pour in the yoghurt and squeeze the lemon over it
5- mix it well, cover, and let cook for around 10 minutes
6- meanwhile, clean out the chillies buy cutting off the head, and taking out the seeds with a spoon or blunt knife. Be careful not to cut the chillies open at the side

7- the mince should be done by now... it will look a little wet, dont worry, thats just the yoghurt sauce and its supposed to look wet! - take out around 3, 4 tblsp and mix the pomi seeds in it.
8- carefully fill the chillies with this mix, and stuff a tomato wedge in to the opening, as a 'stopper' :)

9 - shallow fry the chillies

10- put them in the pot over the mince
11 - spread chopped coriander over it

12 - put it on low heat for around 10 - 15 minutes
13- serve with roti or rice.. I prefer rice :)


  1. ahmmmmmm looks very tasty indeed, but have no big mirchi at home mann-oooooo and all stores are closed today!!!!!
    what if i put glass piyaz instead of grated piyaz?? but will definately try it next week!!!

  2. Glass? Like packed? or pureed? You can use any type you like, I have just found that it tastes better this way, with this method. But feel free to experiment :)


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