Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Well, I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of the better things I can make in one spot. I love to cook and bake - I hope that comes through :)


  1. Dear My kebab always turn out soft. I dry the qeema daal mix when cooking, but still after frying , they are very soft , they break either in frying or are hard to pick up from plate. I have mix ready, for guests tomorrow, can I add something to make it not so soft?
    Even with beef boti kebab it happens.
    I am in dire need of help

  2. Hullo dear teejay - thanks for the question. There are a couple of things you could try:

    1- boil a medium sized potato, and when its dry, then mash it and add it to the qeema mix. Be sure to check the spices, especially salt, after adding and adjust if you need to.

    2- depending on how much mince mix you have, add some plain flour to it, mixing in and checking. Though this is not one of my fav ways of doing it, it still helps.

    3- make VERY sure that the qeema mix is fully dry - before you grind it.

    4- when you fry, use a little oil only. Too much oil also causes the kababs to get over soft and break. If you are using more oil, dip them in beaten egg. That will firm them up as well.

    5- when u set the mince to cook, only put enough water, to boil it and dry out quickly. Soak the channa daal the night before and pre-boil it, before mixing all together and boiling with spices.

    6- once you put the kababs to fry, dont touch them the first minute or so. That will firm them up.

    I hope this helps you in anyway.. do tell me what you tried and how it turned out. Best of luck! :)

  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh U r great, I say that even before trying any of it :)
    I m looking forward to a loooooooooong relationship of my cooking issues here lol
    U r my mentor, thats it.
    I will go for potato thing first with some of mixture.

  4. My pleasure - and yes, I'm looking forward to that "relationship" too :)

  5. hey
    So the kebab didnt work out with potato or flour. I see the fatal mistake is to have more water when cooking, so I will try again with just enough water to cook.
    But I had a dinner party so I made tuna kebab from the facebook group of pakistani cooking and they were a big hit, I made fried fish, anrakali biryani, kebab mesala, saag gosht, kala chana , kheer and shahi tukrey. It was big WAH WAH all around :)
    I intend to try a new dish twice a week now.
    Do you have a beef boti kebab recepie here?

  6. Hmm..would you believe only today I was thinking of you and ur kababs.. so.. it didnt work out hm? Odd. Can u tell me.. whenever u have time.. what ratio you take. How much mince, to how much daal. Or, better yet, write me your recipe, exactly like you make them. I will make it.. and then try out my own experiments with it :) We'll get there to perfectly firm kababs, inshallah! Love your menu.. I have a fish recipe up just now... chk that out sometime too.. very simple. And yes, do have a beef boti. Will post in the next week Inshallah.. step by step. Stay in touch. And thanks a lot for the feedback.

  7. u hva nice blog up here. keep posting the recipes. i;ll try ur lasagne and butter chicken soon. shifting houses so in the middle of no where right now. once im settled in will definitely try both of them!

  8. Thanks :) Sorry for the late reply. Was on leave, just returned. Do let me have your feedback once you try the recipes. And good luck for you in your new home that you're shifting to :)


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