Saturday, 20 October 2007

For u ips

Okay, so when you have a bad throat and cough and a cold so to speak, then take a medium small piece of ginger, fresh that is, thingy it on the grater - ah yes, grate it finely, press the juice out of it and mix that with honey. Take that, twice to thrice a day and, God willing, the cold will cure itself.


  1. thx jano, was a good idea, but guess what did i do that??
    sorry sorry but it was good to hear ur worried and loving voice at 10pm in the night :-) imagaine my hubby was also impressed .
    But as soon as i catch a clod again i WILL do that promise Muah

  2. hehe who ever tries to read my comments it ain't so easy as it is a special language with a special tipping manner:-) well u can also read it as COLD!!! if not clod :-D


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